Letter to God

Dear God,

I’ve known you all my life. Even though I could never see you, I knew you were there, watching and listening. Remember those cold, lonely nights when I couldn’t sleep and tried to imagine the world without You in it? The darkness, the deep, empty hole, the overwhelming feeling of nothingness pierced my soul till I cried. Worried and concerned, mom rushed to my side, asking me what was wrong. But, how could a six-year-old explain such feelings of dread and doom?

Seems I’m always pondering things like, what if Satan had overpowered You and he was the one in charge. Or, what if Jesus had rebelled against You saying, “I’m not leaving all this to die for those crazy people down there!” Or, what if Mary had terminated her unexpected, inconvenient pregnancy.

And, I have to admit there are times I wish I could talk to You face to face; that I could see You, touch You, look into Your eyes, hear Your voice. But, for now I’m happy that I can see You through the eyes of faith.

Thank You, God, for revealing Yourself to me and helping me to trust and believe in You. Thank You for Your love and forgiveness and for never giving up on me. And thank You, that in a world of many gods, You are the One and Only true and living God!

All my love,